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See why Joy Bauer, suggested that actress Eva Mendes replace her Pringles cravings with Glenny's Soy Crisps.

When Glenny’s started making all-natural snacks in 1979, our mission was simple: to keep things delicious, healthy and nutritious. We’ve been doing it for over thirty years now, so we think we might have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t. In dieting, deprivation, the “I can’t have this” mentality and often simply sticking to it can be the most difficult challenges for dieters who truly do want to make lifestyle changes.

Glenny’s unique line of delectable treats and tasty snack bridges the gaps between meals with delicious, healthy snacks, alleviating the feelings of deprivation—yes, you can have that 100 Calorie Brownie—as well as the cravings between meals. Our products can also be an integral part of a lifelong commitment to healthy, delicious nutrition. As snacking is an important component of any diet, Glenny’s sumptuous variety of delectable snacks can easily integrate into any diet or dietary maintenance plan.

Naturally, we think that since our snacks make perfect complements to any diet program, we want to offer wholesale discounts to dietitians who’d like to purchase our products to sell or give to their clients. As a dietitian, you’ll receive 15% off the purchase price of orders over $75.00. Our philosophy is that by helping you grow your business, you’ll be helping us grow outs, as our products will create lasting success with your clients.


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